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 Roleplay Levels and Power Limits

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Roleplay Levels and Power Limits Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay Levels and Power Limits   Roleplay Levels and Power Limits EmptySat Jan 16, 2010 2:09 am

I've decided to write up some PROPER rules and I've decided to allow a few ideas from friends.
So listen up people

Based on your roleplay samples which I've recently added to the Character template, I will assign you a level of which you can use and it is entirely up to you whether or not you will use it or not.

Level 1 (Beginner)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)
Level 4 (Elite)

Level 1 being beginner level and level 4 being an elite roleplayer.

Your roleplay sample will be judged on the following aspects.

Get creative, if you want to impress with your roleplay sample, it's nice if you think of ANYTHING, any story any plot, any scenario where you can use your character to convince us what level you guys deserve. It doesn't have to be a million words long, we all know that large word counts don't exactly matter, as long as you don't ramble on about how your character wakes up in the morning and then tell us every little detail about their hair and make up and what they're wearing because honestly, we don't care.
You can do a general roleplay sample where your character goes to school and how your character handles their day at school, this is a good way of letting us get to know your character and how they cope with certain situations. Or you could do a fight scene with some random person who picked a fight with your character or some martial arts training class or... WHATEVER! This will give us the chance to get to know your characters fighting style and how well you cope with sharing hits, if you God-mod, you are SO not welcome in this forum.

Common sense:
This is something very rare and yet something that we all fall in love with every time we see it. What this is (as well as you sticking with your plot/story) is making sure that there's no contradictions in your sample.
For example, in your characters personality, you write that they act all cold towards girls (assuming your character is male) but the next thing you know, you write a sample that displays your character trying to talk to a girl just to pick her up.

This is something you SHOULD NOT DO!

Zika didn't like guys, she was quite a cold girl and she was never really affectionate ever. So this was her first day of school and she knew that it was going to suck seeing as this was no single-sex school. The bell rung signaling that it was time for class so all the kids picked up their school bags and their books and headed off to the proper classes. On her way to class, Zika bumped in to someone accidentally and dropped all her books, she looked at the person she bumped in to and tried to apologize but when she saw his face, she stopped dead in her tracks, this guy was GORGEOUS!

.... See what I did there?
First she doesn't like guys and she was cold and affectionate, then she bumps in to some guy in the hallway of her school and tries to apologize and falls in love? If some of you are beginners, you really need to remember to remember... You need to stick with your characters personality

Flow and Direction:
It's very important to keep the direction of your plot, don't get sidetracked because outside of the roleplay sample, if you roleplay with other characters, they will easily lose interest and before you know it, you're going to have a thread that will never be finished because the roleplayers who were roleplaying with you will get bored and run out of things to say and just abandon ship.
The same goes for the flow on your posts, as long as it's clear to read and entertaining, you'll do fine.

Spelling and Grammar:
This is fairly important if you want to be a pro, we like to be able to actually read what you're saying when you post.
"Lets go eat mother"
"Lets go eat, mother"
grammar is important ;D

Based on the level that the staff give you, you will know how many powers your character is allowed to have.

Level 1: Your power limit is 2 powers per character

Level 2: Your power limit is 3 powers per character

Level 3: Your power limit is 4 powers per character

Level 4: Your power limit is 5 powers per character

Everyone is welcome to try to upgrade if they feel that they have improved in their roleplay skills, you do not need to post it in to your characters roleplay sample, just send it to me in private message and I will notify you one whether or not you pass to the next level or not after discussing it with the other staff members.
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Roleplay Levels and Power Limits
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