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 Power Rules

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PostSubject: Power Rules   Power Rules EmptyWed Jan 06, 2010 12:17 am

Allowed under circumstances:
Telepathy- ability to communicate with another from a distance by the transfer of thought or feelings from one person to another, with the exception that the user can collect certain information back from the telepath-EE

It is possible for you to use any power you wish as long as you can find a weakness in which the victim of said power can find to escape their fate.
So yeah...

Totally unacceptable powers are;
  • Total invincibility or god-like power... I will start kicking butt if I find someone doing this!
  • Nor will I accept really threatening/strong powers that have no weakness of which a victim cannot escape... Such as stage 5 telekinesis such as Jean Grey's power where you can disintegrate an entire army (tanks included) with your mind. I will just tell you to pick something else.
  • Time and Space manipulation = Not Allowed.
  • Demonic powers such as your character clenching their fist and squeezing the victims heart telekinetically.
  • The ability to permanently steal or borrow someones powers or completely nullifying their power (which means to steal their power from them so you can use it and they can't). You can either nullify their powers by half or you can borrow them for like a maximum time limit of an hour but not both so you will have to choose.
  • Eternal knowledge - You may think you know everything but you don't and having this power basically gives you god-like power (knowledge is power).

New Rule:
If you guys edit your characters power in ANY way after I, Angelus and The Death Wish approve.
You MUST bring it it to our attention. We don't want to find out that you changed even the slightest detail in the powers name, description, history or activation.
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Power Rules
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