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 Fight Night 2: King of the Hill (Wide open)

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Fight Night 2: King of the Hill (Wide open) Empty
PostSubject: Fight Night 2: King of the Hill (Wide open)   Fight Night 2: King of the Hill (Wide open) EmptySun Jan 17, 2010 9:57 pm

*Karim Wandered the city looking for anyone with information about the "Devil man" he had met. Most just shrugged and continued on their way. He passed by a Casino with a Fight Night poster on the wall. Grand Prize being $10,000 in U.S. currency. Since currency was apparently what made this place go around then he would need some eventually. So he walked in to the arena and watched from the stands for a while.

Four rounds went by as a very...very large man was holding his ground rather easily. He looked to be more muscle the fat but not without a bulge in his gut. He simply stood there as the four he watched simply tired them selves out trying to damage him. Every now and then The burly man would grab them and throw them to keep the crowd interested and fighters wanting a piece of him.

He seemed to be relying on his weight to do most of the work and so when the ring master called out again "Are there any men in this room that have the spine and the power to over come this mountain of muscle?" There was still alot of yelling and screaming but there seemed to be no one willing to go another round with him. Karim Stood up from his seat and began walking away when the Ring master saw him get up. "It looks like another man is willing to put his dignity on the line for the cash prize.Bring him up." Interested Karim looked back to the ring to see who was entering when he was grabbed around both arms and hauled into the Ring. They threw him in and he landed without much grace, but he stood up again and looked at the security guards that brought him. The Ring master Approached Karim and put an arm around his shoulder and explained the rules into the Microphone.

"Okay gentlemen No breaking bones no groin shots and no neck shots. Are you ready? Let's begin."

*Karim was about to say that he had not volunteered but the other man had already stood up. Karim felt he knew the man's tactics fairly well and decided that Being the Jackel for a while wouldn't be too bad. Jackel clapped his hands once and began jumping back and forth on the balls of his feet. The mountainous man Grabbed at him but Jackel's reflexes were far above the large man's speed. Jackel spun past the grab on the left side and grabbed the man's wrist. He used the momentum from the dodge to jump up and plant both feet on the man left side of his face. He jumped off in front of the man as he stumbled back. Jackel had a smile on his face as the crowd rose to their feet and roared with excitement. The man held his face where he had just been kicked and pulled his hand away to check for blood, which there was none.

The man had finally been damaged by a skinny little nobody. He couldn't let his position in the ring go. There were only a few hours left before the close of the night and he would win. He got fairly mad at Jackel for threatening his glory and rushed him with his full weight. Jackel dropped straight to the ground and allowed the man to blow right past him. Jackel lifted his feet into the air and planted them on the mans back and pushed forcing him to continue forward. The huge being of flesh could help but grab the ropes, but they were not made to support someone of his weight and the turnbuckle cracked a bit at the base. He turned back around to face Jackel who was happily jumping on his toes waiting for the man's next move. The roar of the crowd was almost deafening, causing the man to get even more infuriated. The man signaled for Jackel to come for him now since that was what he was better at. Jackel cocked his head to the side signailing an okay and rolled forward to the man and put his hands on the ground as he bagan sending a barrage of kicks toward the mans head. He easily blocked them but couldn't take his hands away for fear of getting hit again. Jackel put his feet back on the ground for a second before springing back to a two handed raising pillar with his feet heading strainght for the man's chin. With his hands in the way the man couldn't see it coming until it was too late. The heels connected and foced his jaw shut causing the glass-jaw-effect. The man suddenly looked dazed as he fell backward and out of the ring. Jackel Raised his hands into the air in Victory and he continued to jump around on his feet.*

The ring master returned to his side exclaiming, "It looks like we have a new King of the Hill. Are there ANy Challanger that think they can bring down the man that toppeld a mountain?" *He put his hand over his eyebrows and looked around the room for any sign of movment that could be constued as an accepted invitation.****
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Fight Night 2: King of the Hill (Wide open)
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