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 The night is young (open cause this is just for socializing til we all get settled!)

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Lady Justice

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PostSubject: The night is young (open cause this is just for socializing til we all get settled!)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:15 am

Allison moved some hair out of her face as she collected her bank details from an ATM on the street, she finally managed to move out of her dads house and she was feeling free like a bird! She neatly put her money away and was well on her way, she looked around her, the lights flashing brightly, oooh Lordy! Where was she going to go first?

Well the night was still young so she didn't want to wear herself out too thin. Allison cocked an eyebrow and made her way into an awesome little dance club, they were playing all the right music, it was dark and the only light that could be seen was a small laser light show and the glow of the glowsticks that people were wearing. The music was purely a dance club mix, the sound was soft and it had a good beat, it sounded quite ambient it was loud but peaceful and people made the choice whether they would sit this nice song out or if they would get up and dance either with their friends or lovers.

Allison made her choice, she made her way to the bar and just enjoyed the music, it was truly beautiful for her, was this the sound of freedom? If Allison didn't know any better, she just might say that it was. Personally she loved the music, not just cause it was the sound of her freedom but because she loved dance music, she loved most electronic music because it just gave her this energy. To her it was like a speeding train, once in motion it could definitely not come to a halt any time soon and that's also why she loved it.

A bar tender came to see her, "Can I help you there little lady?" he said in an Irish accent. Allison turned her attention from the dancers to the guy, and WHAT a guy!? He had dark hair and these gorgeous light blue eyes, complete with 5 o'clock shadow. "I think you can" Allison replied with a somewhat mischievous smile, she slipped him some cash and continued, "I'll have some..." she didn't know what to ask for, Allison didn't have much knowledge on alcoholic drinks so she was fairly lost on what to order.
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PostSubject: Re: The night is young (open cause this is just for socializing til we all get settled!)   Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:39 am

*Karim Walked the Streets of the first city he was able to travel to on his on budget. He had spent all the money the tribe had given him for travel on the plane ticket. He had nothing more then the clothes on his back and the ideals in his head. He walked for sometime before he heard a familiar bass line. Like the drums of his village. He ran toward the noise but the closer he got the less it sounded like drums until he found himself at the source of the sound. A club blasting out loud bass driving music. He was about to enter before the bouncer, who was quite a bit bigger then Karim, stopped him*

Slow your roll there man. 5 dollar cover charge.
*Karim backed up a step and looked at the man confused. He did not speak English yet so he did not understand what he wanted.*
Come on man i ain't got all day, if you ain't going in then get the hell outta here.*The man pointed his finger at Karim and then down the street. Karim Looked at the finger and then looked down the street to see what the man was pointing at. When Karim did not leave The bouncer went to push him. Karim saw this as a hostile threat and began defending himself. He grabbed the man wrist and spun around it then jumped up and used his hold on the wrist to drive his heels into the mans chest, then jumped off of him and landed back on his feet on the sidewalk now bouncing back and forth waiting for the man next move.*

*Karim continued to bounce back and forth waiting to see if the man was going to attack again or if he had given up. He looked around and npoticed he had attracted the wrong kind of attention and decided it best to leave raather then try to enter. So on that note he took his leave of the place.*
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The night is young (open cause this is just for socializing til we all get settled!)
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