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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:01 pm

I want to get a few things clear before you guys get started, I'm usually not very strict with rules but I will give you basic rules to keep everyone happy and out of trouble.

Rule Number 1:
Admin reserves all rights to change these rules at any given time as long as it's for the good of the members. Any changes will be brought to attention through both the News & Announcements as well as mass email message.

Rule Number 2:
We expect you guys to keep the forum in a mature and clean state, swearing is allowed, and roleplayed criminal activity is ok but we will not tolerate discussion of illegal activities or terrorism. We are also fine with sexual references but if your characters are getting too hot and heavy, please either take it to PM or an instant messenger of choice.

Violence is acceptable, we are a superhero group and there are going to be a number of villains and there's going to be a hell of a lot of fight scenes, details fight scenes where there is minimal to moderate bloodshed are allowed without a warning on the name of the thread. Fight scenes are indeed very much allowed. Please mark thread as "<Thread name> (V)".
Strong Violence (SV) Which may include gore and maximum amount of bloodshed will most definitely need a warning on the name of the thread, or if you're not sure, please post as "<Thread name> (PSV)".

Course Language is very much acceptable, your characters is in fact allowed to swear, as long as every second word that comes out of their mouth is a swear word. Frequent course language is frowned upon but it is still allowed as long as you don't go over-board.

Drug Use:
Drug use and alcoholism is allowed, the use of alcohol can be used without censorship but detailed knowledge and use of drugs is frowned upon, mention of your character being stoned or smashed is allowed, how they got that was is something no one wants to know.
Mention of basic drugs (Marijuana, Cigarettes/Cigars, Medicinal Drugs) are allowed.

Nudity like violence is allowed, if you really must be careful with this, although it is allowed, we do NOT want great detail of your characters body.
Strong detailed posts about what your characters body is like is not acceptable. If your character is dressed like a cheerleader or is only in underwear or lingerie, this is ok but do NOT describe "breasts" or genitalia.
If there is minimal or moderate nudity (your character not wearing much clothing) please mark thread as "<Thread name> (N)".

Sexual References:
This is an extremely sensitive matter, especially for the more mature roleplayers seeing as they have no problem roleplaying a sex scene in great detail. I do NOT allow explicit sexual activity! I understand that there will be situations where your characters get a little out of hand but I ask you that if it is taking a roll over from sexual references (kissing, hugging, making out, touching) to seriously hot and heavy (basic sex, violent sex, the act of self pleasure) please take it to PM or Instant Messenger if you really can't help yourselves. It will be known if your characters "did it" anyway. So if your characters are caught up in the moment, please stop at the early stages of nudity and try to make a cut scene to the after math of your characters sexual activity. Mark threads with sexual references "<Thread name> (SR)".
ATTENTION: Any thread made for the soul purpose of your character and another character having sexual relations WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING! Consider yourself warned.

Rule Number 3:
Debating and discussion are perfectly fine. However, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. If you find something wrong with ANYONES post, please don't lose your cool, helpful constructive criticism is welcome as long as you explain it in a way that the person you're explaining it to can understand.

Rule Number 4:
Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. It's immature and annoying and moderators will delete it. This does include spam.

Rule Number 5:
Any spam or pornographic material will be removed, this is the only aspect of the rules where we give one warning and then the second offense you make, you will suffer the consequences of getting your account removed! D:<
Spam is not that serious so that isn't included in this one warning only rule.

Rule Number 6:
If you need to advertise a friends forum or your own you are more than welcome to, as long as you advertise in the Advertisement forum.

Rule Number 7:
Please don't type like a noob (typin lyk a nub iz lyk dis or l!k3 7h1$) Typing like that is highly annoying to everyone and we like to keep it nice and literate here.
As for the word count in your posts when you roleplay, please try to make it more than a lousy 3 or 4 lines or less, I'm not going to put really strict rules on the posts yet because I need roleplayers!

Rule Number 8:
This is a forum for HUMANS, METAHUMANS and MUTANTS!
I do NOT want Angelic or Demonic or godly beings within my forum. If you want to make a character who is an angel or a demon or some type of god, please go and find some other forum for that.

Rule Number 9:
When Making a character, please refrain from making an "All-powerful" character, this forum is meant to be a fun experience for everyone and no one wants to associate with a character that can kill them just by looking at them or killing them in a single blow and yet this character can't get a single hit laid on them nor can they die. EVERYONE! Your characters must have weaknesses in themselves AND their powers, that's the beauty of roleplaying a superhuman being, they have their strong points and their weak points.

Character Deaths;
All characters in this forum (if approved in character creation) are allowed to die. You must have full consent (approval) from the roleplayer playing that character before you can kill the character.

Rule Number 10:
... Go nuts, have fun and make new friends! Very Happy
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Forum Rules
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