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 The Clumsy Mage

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PostSubject: The Clumsy Mage   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:19 am

Name: Jonaus Trobonius Decius
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Alias(es): He is often referred to as the "Clumsy Mage" although he hates it.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Jonaus is actually not a very tall person. He is about 5' 9" and is proud of his normal stature. He has very little muscle to his body and instead is slim and lanky, making him a speedier person. He has bright blue eye's that twinkle with knowledge, medium length brown hair, and a slim face. Upon his head rest an autumn orange/brown hat that, instead of forming a point, bend at intervals and form a near square shape. Upon his slender from rest a plain white shirt with a diamond like symbol, over which rest a long, open sleeved jacket, matching the color of his odd hat. He wears simple blue jean pants and brown shoes on the lower half of his body, completing his simple appearance.

He also carries a black bookbag that carries a very large book in it, and a wooden staff with a creasant shape at the top. He uses both in long and short range combat, both seeming indistructable.

Jonaus is a kind and intelligent person, putting others before himself. However he is very, very, very clumsy and often trips over his own feet. Regardless of this though he is known to tap into reserves of courage that even he thought was in capable.

Notable Mention:
Eh... What is this?

Mother- Myoone Decius
Father- Tomi Decius
Sister- Hayanna Decius

Jonuas was born the oldest child in family that would later be four. He had always found magic to be a fasinating thing, and when he was younger, wanted to be a magician. He loved the prospect of being able to do marvelous things with the power of his imagination, and that drove him. He would often fantasize about wonderfully magical worlds, and he got his chance to do so when he was about 11.

His parents had always been collectors of odd items such as ancient desk, weird statues, amulents, and many other oddities. But Jonaus had found an item that he found truely intresting. It was a book, that looked like it was written in a foreign language, but upon grasping the book, the tittle on the front twisted around to form the words "Everlasting Knowledge" and Jonaus had come to know it as "The Book of Everlasting Knowledge". When Jonaus had first opened it, the majority of the pages were in the same, unreadable, scrawl. But a few of the pages outlined complicated procedures for what seemed to be spells. Jonaus took the book and began to read and study it.

Jonaus spent the majority of his free time reading this book as much as possible, but his parents began to worry. He soon found out, and took to reading it only when he was absolutely by himself. He began to rummage through his parents things once more and found an akward walking stick. It seemed to have a creasant moon shape at the top, but he found it to be exactly his size.

Over the years Jonaus kept reading and studying the strange book in his possesion, and learning to weild the strange stick as a weapon. On an off whim, he decided to follow the instructions in the book and preform one of the spells in it's depths. He followed through and cast a firebolt spell. He rejoiced and began to dance around, but he found that he had set his house aflame. He immediately called the fire department and they quickly arrived and doused the flames. Jonaus had realized the dream he had wanted for so long! He knew that he wouldn't be able to stay at home, so he had his sister fashion the hat and coat that he wears so often, and when he truned 18, he promptly left home and set out for the world around him, in search of other such artifacts as the ones his parents had possessed.

Roleplay Sample:
Jonaus smiled as the sun began to shine through the trees. He loved the park so much, and he yearned to feel the grass between his toes, and going with that feeling he plopped on the bench. He soon yanked off his shoes, and then tugged his socks from his feet. Stuffing the filthy cloth into his shoes he jumped up, knocking his shoes to the ground, and the walked into the grass. He was free. He was truely free from the duldrum life he had known, and was now on his way to a world of magic and freedom. "Ha ha ha!" he laughed as glee consumed him and the grass tickled at his toes, "Freedom at last!"
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Lady Justice
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PostSubject: Re: The Clumsy Mage   Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:31 am

cute, finally was have another good guy on the site!
approved, your power limit is beginner for now, if your rp skills are better, I'll let you know immediately, savvy? ;D
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PostSubject: Re: The Clumsy Mage   Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:28 pm

It took a little while to be approved, but thanks... And yeah... Um... I get lazy on the RP Sample stuff... Been doing this for about 5 years now and I'm still pretty lazy...

Quote :
Kukuzu concentrated on the task at hand allowing his black tendrils to seek the bullet while moving any obstructions aside. It seemed that the deeper he dove the more blood poured from her wound. He would have to force her blood to temporarily thicken to slow the blood loss. Applying a bit of chakra to his hands and allowing it to flow into her body he was successfull. It reminded him of the walking on water techneiqe. Using his hand as a sort of magnet he negatively charged the surrounding blood and it was forced to repel back into the wound. So the blood was stopped for now.

He looked up at the girl as the tendrils found their target and began tugging on the bullet. As they did he noticed a change coming over the girl. It didn't last and in fact quickly died away, but he had a good enough glimpse of it. It reminded him when he chased the 2 tailed Junchiriki. As she lured them into her trap and allowed the demon to take control. The feeling he got from it was simular to what he recieved from this girls moment of weakness. But it seemed whatever had arisen had quickly fallen back into a slumber and the girl had regained her composer in time to nearly vomit. It was Deidara all over again and he let out a stifled "Baka..." in the blonde artist memory.

As the tendrils with drew from her body Kakuzu switched hands to ensure no more blood spilled while he examined the bullet. It was a peculiar piece of metal that, well he'd only experienced guns a few times but what he knew about them was quite deadly. He placed the bullet on her chest and proceeded to sew up the wound. Tendrils whiped from his wrist again and in a strange motion weaved in and out of the area around the wound and squeezed it closed. He reach into his cloak and withdrew a roll of bandages. "Sit up girl and let me bandage you. Don't move too much though, or you'll tear the stitches."

I think that is the longest I've ever posted...
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PostSubject: Re: The Clumsy Mage   Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:46 pm

I just realized I lied about that... I have a longer one, but I'm too lazy to post it... I'll get something decent together and PM you...
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PostSubject: Re: The Clumsy Mage   Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:00 pm

Awesomely coooooool, dude =3 And it's Kazuuuu, dawwwwwwww; Ze memoriez X3

Can't wait tah see ya around!
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PostSubject: Re: The Clumsy Mage   

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The Clumsy Mage
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