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 The Fortunes

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PostSubject: The Fortunes   The Fortunes EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 6:32 am

Name: Chris, Angela and William
Age:42 (at 5 minutes apart in descending order)
Gender:two males and a female
Alias(es):The Fortunes, "the Prophet the Oracle and the Indifferent," Mind, Body and Soul.
Alignment:Lawful Neutral

Appearance: an early picture back when they cared about how they looked. Now the masquerade as vagrants or homeless so they are not bothered as much. Only those who really want to find them will.
All three

Power:Seeing the future, or at least possibilities.

Angela: More outspoken then the two male counter parts she sees the darker paths of the future. If mostly immoral choices are made she can tell you the outcome.
William (white hair): His out look is fairly better then his sister's. He is the decision maker of the group and as such has told the other two to keep certain types of information secret, like names and places. If a man knows his future he will do everything in his power to change it.
Chris (Black hair): a more neutral ground then the other two. He is calm and does not really care what people do since it technically has nothing to do with him. He sees a combination of good and bad choices offering that his is most accurate of the three.

Relationships: Each other. they refuse to give Family back grounds and ties.

History: The three first found they had the talent when they were in school. Angela convinced them to use it to cheat on tests to see forward into the teacher's future for the answers. After they left High school they started work as stock brokers to get the most money out of their talent, until they found an even more profitable idea. Selling the future to the rich. when they started doing this they began seeing different outcomes. Angela saw the negative, William the positive, and Chris somewhere in the middle. William found that people would often do what they could to change the future if they didn't like the outcome and eventually go insane in the attempt. This caused a problem for repeat business so he decided that most people only need to know the little facts and events, and not the who's whats and wheres.
They have had several Dealings with well known businesses helping them get to where they are now. But on the other side of the coin they help random passersby as well, telling them little tidbits of what to expect. Chris called it balancing the power of the world.
After a long while of money making with the necessary evils and well as the good natured "Heroes" the three retired at an early age of 30. They can now only be found by those who know what to look for or if they want to be found. Despite their large bank accounts it is harder to find a specific homeless person then it is to find a respectable citizen. So as such they pretend to be poor only to retire to their house at the end of the day. They have no love life since they know that their power will prevent any happiness to come from it.

Notable mentions: let me know if you want to use them.
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The Fortunes
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