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 Zinc Grudge

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PostSubject: Zinc Grudge   Zinc Grudge EmptyTue Feb 02, 2010 2:32 pm

Name: Zinc Grudge
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Alias(es): Shadow, Night Stalker, Gore Crow
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Her hair is a very dark shade of brown, her eyes brown with a little tint of faint green that frame her pupils. Her hair consists of short layers and they seem to half a life of their own. They’re actually very thin feathers that move independently. That would account for the sudden bristling or puffiness if angered. She dyes the tips of them fired red and her hair's length barely reaches the tips of her shoulder blades.

Zinc stands, surprisingly for a female, at a tall 6’5”. Her face is attractive with a light tan and cat like features. A grayish tank top is worn for a top to allow her arms movement.

Her hands consist of a thumb and two fingers. Her shoulders and upper arms are covered with velvety like feathers. At her elbow the feathers flare out and get shorter as they reach her shoulder. A kind of mini wing with a black spike protruding from her elbow. They flare and shake when angry or feeling a strong emotion. Her forearm to her finger tips resemble a crow’s foot.

She stands on her toes, which accounts for her tall size, and wears something of a sandal shoe. Everything is covered but her toes, her claws are exposed. Wearing shoes would be very uncomfortable for her to wear. Her feet to the knee up also resembles a crow’s foot, but faded black jeans help them blend in.

When hunting, she wears the same attire as normal, but cloaks herself in a hooded, black coat to keep her hidden and blend in with the darkness. The upper arms are slit so that her feathers can poke out and she won’t feel uncomfortable in.

Personality: She takes what she wants, and when she wants it. Zinc has a bad habit of obsessing over things, mainly things that are rare or worthy of note, and taking them for herself. Because of her predatory nature, she skins and mounts the skulls and spines of those she defeated as trophies. Her gruesome hobby of mounting the skulls of opponents that put up a fight has something to do with her psychologically. Seeing her trophies makes her feel better and powerful, boosting her self esteem while at the same time pushing her to hunt down more people or animals.

Very cold and lethal when by herself and hunting, she has her own moral code: do not harm children or the sick, and do not kill those without weapons or pregnant women. There are certain exceptions, however. If anyone gets in her way when she’s hunting, and they raise any kind of weapon against her, she will consider them fair game and kill them. But, seeing that they were not an intended target, Zinc will leave their bodies and continue pursuing whatever she was after. She will kill police and drug dealers; though drug dealers and the like appear more violent and much more of a challenge so they are targeted by her more often.

Literally translated, tends to gloss vengeful feelings and is prone to embellishing acts of violence or negativity. Zinc is painfully blunt, rude, obnoxious and a sadistic female. She speaks with a snap and click to her voice; very sharp and very loud. Curses are not uncommon when she’s angry, surprised or worried. “Sh*tf*ck” is her favorite.

Despite her violent personality, she does like the company of other people and is a reasonable person to be around. With a well rounded and calm persona, Zinc is very in control but has trouble containing hot, flaring emotions. Although prone to sudden furious eruptions, she’s calm, cool and very collected. She even acts a bit goofy, playful and hyper around those she enjoys being around or overall likes. When hunting it's very easy to excite her and make her want to play with the victim before kill them.

Notable Mention: She can’t sit still for prolonged periods of time; usually bouncing her foot up and down or tapping her fingers against something curves the urge to bolt out the door.

She mounts the skulls of those she defeated in combat in a hidden room as to not scare any of her friends or guests.

Bugs are tolerable for a certain period of time… Then they’re crushed out of anger from being annoying.

Balloons are a major dislike. When they pop or any noise they create, makes her skittish and jumpy. She complains that the color, hurts her eyes. Then again, everything about balloons makes her rather jumpy about them. Possibly because of the fact they’re not alive but seem to be.

Her taste buds are kind of shot, no one knows why; possibly a birth defect, so she can’t taste anything. Might be the reason why she likes to eat very hot, crunchy things.

Relationships: Not interested in guys just yet. There are few friends on her list since she’s kind of a loner and isn’t very trusting of anyone she comes in contact with.

History: Zinc was always a tad odd around people, and she liked to play with other kids roughly. Being a mutant, she was shunned by people, and she never was really socialized with children. Her parents were very supportive of her though and would take her to meet their friends. Her mom was an excellent doctor and entrepreneur, while her father was the head of a business. Being exposed to a lot of grown ups made her mature much faster and was very polite.

Being formal and liked by the adults, didn’t make her feel any better. After expressing an interest in learning ninjitsu because of her dark plumage, her parents gladly paid for the lessons, delighted that their daughter was taking interest in something. Zinc excelled in the art. Although not the best at the fighting techniques, she was a natural at stalking in the shadows. To say the very least, she entertained her parent’s friends with her ‘Now you see me, now you don’t’ hiding skills.

Because of her parent’s friends gathering for parties all of the time, she started to befriend a small amount of their children who were very interested and curious about her. Little Grudge took care of them since she was the most mature and sorted out solutions and conflicts between the kids.

At the age of fifteen, walking home from a late night party, she came across a lone man being beaten by a cop and, interestingly enough after she demanded answers from the man, a drug dealer. Apparently the cop and drug dealer were forming a sort of agreement to protect the dealer and in exchange the cop would get payment in illegal drugs. That first time was when she actually fought and killed those two men and left the beaten man alone.

After that, Zinc found a craving and lust to prove herself in the battle field. She constantly wanted to fight and defeat opponents and take the losers as trophies. Late at night, she’d sneak out of her family’s pent house to look for people to fight and kill. Growing older and more independent, she moved out with her parent’s help and bought her own place. A little cut off from a large amount of people like in the city and with plenty of privacy to clean her skulls and mount them. The animal skulls were in plain view, while the human skulls were hidden away from sight.

On the surface, Zinc Grudge is a polite and tough mutant, who is currently working for her parents. Mainly answering phone calls and setting up appointments. Boring as hell job, but it’s very plain, and very normal to hide her hobby and inner crow who lusts for gore.

Roleplay Sample:
He kept on running. Running, running. What was so different from this human? He was an undercover cop; part of a gang and was separated from them when their drug deal was busted by something. He, as well as everyone, shot in every direction, for the shadow that danced around them. In the end, he was the only one left and was forced to flee. In his hand was a rifle and he shot bullets into the darkness at the sounds that followed him.

The shadows were moving, chasing him for the game. He frantically began to scale a large fence keeping him from running any farther. The metal beneath him shook as something leaped at it and began to climb. He had just reached the top and was about to jump when he felt something snag his left foot and jerk him back, making his chest collide with the fence to readily drop the rest of the way.

The redish claws instantly retracted as the black mass pulled the hand back while simultaneously snatching the gun out of his hand to let him tumble to the ground in a heap.

Dazed and bleeding, the cop attempted to stand but winced in pain as he clutched his leg. Painfully, he looked up to see something crouched on the top of the steel linked fence. Something glinted in the faint light: his gun. His eyes remained on whatever it was that twirled the gun on it’s scaly clawed fingers and drop it on the other side of the fence then jump down to his level to land in a crotch.

Now, the alley was dark, but the light given off the street lights helped him determine that his pursuer was female. The figure stood up and placed a clawed hand on her hip and cocked it’s head back, obviously regarding the man. She took a step forwards, only to stop at the cop pointing a gun at her with trembling arms.

“Heeeh. I made a good choice. Picking youuu..” She drawled as her head lowered and she crouched. “A good fight; a good skull..” The clawed hand entered the light, the scaly flesh reflecting light and showing the fleshy, but four long finger tips armed with curved claws.

The cop forcefully hauled himself to his feet, his eyes widening at the statement. He had read the reports about the gruesome murders that had been occurring. “You’re..” He stammered as the names flew through his head. His finger twitched, pulling the trigger to fire at the female.

She danced around them, darting to the side, jumping up into the air and all fours to scurry into the shadows. “Night Stalker… Shadow… Gore Crow.. I keep hearing those names on the news…” The voice was circling him, beads of sweat trickled down his brow and into his eyes.

“I don’t like those names though..”

It was right behind him. He was afraid to turn.

“The name I like is.. Zinc Grudge.”

The sounds of a struggle entered the night air, complete with shouts of panic and pain and the fire of a gun. A trashcan was tipped over, crashing into the ground then, silence.

A soft tear, the sound of ripe fruit was suddenly followed by a squelching, tearing of flesh parting from bone. Running footsteps faded away to be replaced with the metal links of the fence clinking together then to a grating of claws on stone as the female scaled the brick building to the roof. Turning briefly, her right hand swung out to release black feathers that drifted down to the body, then disappear as she returned to leaving the crime scene, shoving her grisly trophy into a thick sack.

Minutes later, police arrived at the scene. Some turned away to vomit while others looked grimly at the body. Photos were taken. The head was missing. The spine was gone. A few black feathers rested on the body or floated on the pool of blood surrounding his form.

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PostSubject: Re: Zinc Grudge   Zinc Grudge EmptyThu Feb 11, 2010 12:47 pm

Very nice, very interesting... I like this character!

You are VERY much approved. As for your roleplay sample, You're advanced... For now. I'll be checking your posts to see whether you're good enough to make it to Elite and I'll let you know if I think you could be up there ;D

Also, before you start, I just want to make sure you know the whole rating system we have. You can check it out in "Everything you need to know" under rule number 2 in the rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Zinc Grudge   Zinc Grudge EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 6:30 pm

so heres our "Predator" of the forum.

But after reading the whole writing style and personality wouldn't your character be "Chaotic" nuetral?
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Zinc Grudge
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