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 Karen Newlife

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Name:Karen Newlife (last name legally changed from Hansley)
Alias(es):Doc, Doctor Newlife, the Doctor.

Normally wears a suit around the office except during surgery when she wears the normal hospital uniform.
Karen Newlife The_doc____again_by_DemoonMunkay

Power: Surgical Cut: Activation/Thought-Touch
Able to empower the tools of her trade to cut through any Bio material such as skin, muscle and bone. Even the most impenetrable person can be cut by her power but for some reason she can not understand when the power is active she can not cut anything that has no Biology to it like shirts or armor, because of this it is crucial to remove these types of thing in order her her to preform her job.

Healing Stitch: Activation/Hovers her hand above the afflicted area.-Thought-
Accelerates the healing of that area. This power can not make the skin perfect again just simply speeds up the healing. It can not banish skin impurities like scars or naturally misaligned tendons.

Personality:She is a fairly mild mannered but kind hearted person. She is an extreme pacifist. If she is put into a hostile situation she will do anything she can to ensure that no lives are lost, even if it means she must sacrifice her own. She will treat anyone that asks it of her, as she take the Hypocratic Oath to heart. She does not allow herself much time for a private life but prefers to improve her skills and knowledge of her practice to do the most good she can, even if it means treating the evil in hopes they will see the light of good.

Relationships: Father/(52) Johnathan Hansley, Mother/(47) Rebbecca Hansley, Sister/(22) Helen Teller, Brother in law/(24) William Teller

History: She grew up just like any other normal American child. She learned to ride a bicycle, went to school and made friends just like any other girl. It was in Elementary school when she learned she had her Healing ability. She had just fallen out of a tree she was climbing and landed on her knee. the skin was removed down to the bone from scraping it against the tree bark on the way down. She wanted to hold it but didn't want to touch it. she let her hands hover above it and noticed a greenish aura emitting from her hands healing the skin on her knees until it didn't hurt anymore. She told her mother about the incident who immediately had her registered and a Para-human. The proper authorities made sure to put her on the track to becoming a doctor or nurse when she became of age.
The time finally came when she met a person (rock-skin style para-human) she did not see eye-to-eye with. They confronted each other one day and words turned to actions and the fists began to fly. Her opponent activated her power and, without knowing it, Karen did as well. She Scratched at the other girls face with her empowered nails and cuts gouges into the girls face who immediately gave up the fight knowing she couldn't beat someone who could rip right through her stone-skin like that. Karen, who was just as surprised as the other girl, immediately made amends by healing the damage she had caused. Her Para-human record was amended to include her new power.
Soon she was in Medical School learning the Normal tricks of the trade and learning how to treat patients without the use of her powers, in case the day came that she couldn't activate them. She Was not Valedictorian but very close to it since she studied with the one who received it. After her Graduation she was almost immediately hired by the Sentry State Hospital, the biggest and best equipped Hospital in all of Astryn. It is here she spend most of her time, on and off work.

Notable mentions:Usable by any character to instantly heal yourselves. Just make sure you don't change her personality.
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Karen Newlife
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