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 The Powers Of Justice

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PostSubject: The Powers Of Justice   The Powers Of Justice EmptySat Jan 16, 2010 9:56 am

Name: Elemental Fists

Description: Kevin is able to control and attack using pure elemental energy. He surrounds a body part or his entire body in an element and attacks that way, for example, A Fire Spell could be wrapped around his fist and used for attack. They can also be used long-range as projectiles, such as fire balls and lightning bolts. He can use fire, ice, stone, lightning, and wind. He dubbed this technique his Mystic Fists.

Activation: He simply states the name of the element he wishes to use, concentrates for a brief moment on bringing that power out and it manifests to be used at his will.

History: As a child, Kevin had no idea he had these types of powers, but during his training with Quin, it was discovered that he could hold a type of control over the elements. So Quin trained him to gain a better mastery of his powers.


Name: Super Speed

Description: He is faster than most humans, being able to move at supersonic speeds. (Able to break the sound barrier if he pushes hard enough) (This includes normal movements besides running as well.)

Activation: At will

History: Ever since his time as a small child he had known that he was faster than most people he knew, it wasn't until after his training however that he reached the level of speed he owns now.
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PostSubject: Re: The Powers Of Justice   The Powers Of Justice EmptyMon Jan 18, 2010 5:42 pm

This looks fine, If you wish to debate with me, bring it but I'll just logic-it-up
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The Powers Of Justice
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