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 Please bare with me

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Lady Justice
Lady Justice

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PostSubject: Please bare with me   Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:32 am

I'm working on updating most if not all of the templates so I appologize for any inconvenience, I'm sure you don't have to do much and if you're good roleplayers it wont be a problem for you guys at all.

I'll be writing up a lot more detailed rules for all the applications so people who join in the future will know exactly what the hell is going on.
Additions to templates will include;
  • Stats (strength, speed, power, durability, etc etc) This will all be explained in great detail.
  • Roleplay Samples and examples of the basics of roleplay (this could help beginners).
  • The possible addition of another application forum.

and a few other things that I might have forgotten to mention.

I'm also going to add character sheets and a forum strictly for staff to discuss things as soon as administrator panel starts working...

Again, apologies if you come on and find the forum in a little bit of mess but I am going by trial and error, I sincerely appreciate you loyal roleplayers sticking by the forum while I fix and add things.

Thank you all so much for your patience
~Lady Justice
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Please bare with me
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