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 Looking for a way.. (open)

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PostSubject: Looking for a way.. (open)   Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:25 am

*Karim Wandered the harbor area for a while. He pasted Restaurants and fish markets while trying to find a secluded place to think. There were piers all over the boardwalk where fishermen stood next to the railing with their Poles in hand. They would occasionally catch a fish and immediately gut it and throw it in a cooler. That was about the only time they would talk to each other to congratulate themselves on a good catch.

There was on pier however that was unoccupied. This seemed as good a place as any to think. *Karim walked to the edge of the pier. He noticed the dull clunk of the old wood every time he took a step. He sat at the edge of the pier cross legged and arms crossed, looking across the water. The water moved so much it looked like diamonds were floating atop the surface. He sat there not really looking at anything but also looking at everything. He was simply trying to think. Think of a way to get what ever the devil man put into him, out. He couldn't recall him ever touching the man so it had to be some kind of magic. (OC: of course it did, what else could it possibly be? Rolling Eyes ) The question was how did he do it?

It was about this time the a man in a gray coat and sunglasses, with gray skin walked up the pier heading for Karim. Karim heard him and stood up and took a breath to ready himself for a fight before turning to face the man. He continued walking toward Karim but put his hands up mockingly before speaking.*

Don't you worry about me. I'm not here for your head. I hear you're a wanted man, for some reason or another. You sound like you have a few problems on your back and you don't seem like the kind of person who goes looking for trouble. So tell me, why does the Company want you so bad?

*Karim looked the man up and down suspiciously. Why was his skin such an abnormal color?* "I do not know who wants or for why but i do not go with them. I believe they are devil persons looking for their own gaining."

Your English is a little shotty but at least i understand you. So, devil people huh? It's good that you understood that much about them. I've heard stories about some organization that seems to either hire or kidnap people based on... well lets just say abilities. I think you may have been targeted for just that reason. So i must ask, what's your power?

"Who are you? Why do you seek me?"

Oh right. Sorry i was just so interested that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Matsubayashi Jenru... wait no in English it's reversed so it's Jenru Matsubayashi. As you can no doubt tell I'm not exactly what you would call normal. I'm blind but i know everything that's going on around me. You see my ears and skin receive more information then a normal person's does. So i know just about everything that's going on in my immediate area. *He took his glasses off to show Karim his eyes. After a moment he put them back on to hide them from the world again.*

"You say about power. I have none, i have only skills. I do not have special eyes like you and the Devil man. I have only my Ideals and my body."

Hmm. I see, so it's one of those kinds of power. Well unfortunately i hear my name being called. If you ever need me. Call out my name. I'll most likely hear you. Maybe we can talk later about this Devil man. If he is who i think he is you may be in more trouble then you think. Farewell for now.

*The gray man turned and walked away waving backward to Karim who just stood there watching him leave to make sure he wasn't planning something against him. once he was out of sight he turned beck to look at the water and sat down again.The gray man, Jenru he said his name was, might be a valuable friend if indeed that was his intention. He returned to contemplating how to break the "Spell" the Devil Man had placed on him to make him more hostile toward people.* (OC: i know that's not what actually happened but this is how Karim thinks)
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Looking for a way.. (open)
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