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 Past Corp Weaponry

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PostSubject: Past Corp Weaponry   Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:22 am

Name: No real name, they are all pretty much standard weaponry

Each sector of Past Corp has unique weaponry
The sector packs are as followed;
Guardians (Used for Body Guarding, Escorting and Security)
    - Static Police Baton, a steel extendable baton with a small electric charge coursing through it used for stunning and breaking arms.
    - Pistol armed with Static-Shells, A standard pistol that uses non-lethal shells, utilising a taser-like abillity in its place.
    - High Potency Bear Mace, Mace...for Bears...Yeah hardcore stuff.

Recon (used for espionage, sabotage, tracking
    - Collapsable Crossbow w/ Toxin Coated Bolts - This cross bow is small enough to fit into a breast pocket and fire at a deadly accuracy, the bolts used
    are coated in various toxins depending on the mission but primarily utilise the poison of a White Tip Spider or Puffer Fish Venom causing paralysis.
    - Toxin incoated Throwing Knives - Are Knives that you throw also known as Kunai, these weapons are encoated with the same venom as the Crossbow Bolts.
    - Neural Disruptance Keychain - a Keychain fitted with an ear piercing sound, it does pretty much nothing but irritate the senses of an opponent

Kage(Used for Assassination and guarding top tier clients.
    - Composite Bow w/ Toxin covered Arrows - A very strong bow able to pierce through a car, usually used for hunting deer or faster animals. For toxin details see Crossbow.
    - Katana - Everybodies favourite blade, a practical sword able to slice through tough opponents
    - Access to a Chemistry lab (In other words, Able to make explosives utilising real life chemicals, Nothing to big though)

Lawyers/Pencil Pushers/Gary from Accounts
    - Pencils.

Listed in the Description

Various histories, all Real-Life Weaponry so...wikipedia?
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PostSubject: Re: Past Corp Weaponry   Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:22 am

Approved my brutha.
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PostSubject: Re: Past Corp Weaponry   Thu Jan 14, 2010 6:12 am

Quote :
- High Potency Bear Mace, Mace...for Bears...Yeah hardcore stuff.

I didn't know that Dog the Bounty Hunter worked for the Past corp.
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PostSubject: Re: Past Corp Weaponry   

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Past Corp Weaponry
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