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 Alignment guide

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PostSubject: Alignment guide   Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:51 am


Normally people (mostly the good guys) see life as a cut and dry "black and white" situation, you're either good or bad. However, this isn't necessarily true.
Of course there are shades of Grey, it's up to you to pick which one is right for your characters personality and being.
Information collected from


Lawful Good:
These are the characters who act on pure compassion, they are well organized and world hard to do good in the best interest of other people.
They usually get caught in a hard place when the law that they follow is threatening the good of another. He will usually speak out on injustice, tell the truth, help those who are in need, keep his word and above all he hates to see a guilty man go unpunished.

Lawfully good characters include;
Superman, Xavier.

Neutral Good:
These characters follow what they feel is right, completely following their conscious and they are not Pro-Law nor are they Anti-Law. They are capable of co-operating with lawful officials and in the event of breaking rules in order to follow their conscious, they need not suffer the same inner-conflict that a Lawful Good character would if he were in that situation. They simply do what they feel is the right thing in their heart and conscious despite the possibly rule bending.

Neutral good characters include;
Spiderman, Cyclopes, Wonderwoman.

Chaotic Good:
These characters are also known as rebels or cynics. They follow their own moral compass with little regard of what others may think. A chaotic good character is generally a good person but their favor changes in regard of whatever the greater good may be. They value personal freedom and despite having good intentions, their way is mostly disorganized and unstable and therefore they are prone to making mistakes and often do bad things even if they don't enjoy doing these things.

Chaotic good characters include;
Catwoman, Wolverine.


Lawful Neutral:
These characters have a strong belief in honor, rules tradition in order. They apply and enforce strict rules on society to maintain order. They are viewed as the absolute between, they are extremely important for taking the middle ground between good and evil and a good example of Lawful Neutral characters include a soldier or agent who follows orders without question, a judge, someone who mercilessly follows and abides by the law.

Lawful neutral characters include;
James Bond, any spy from any spy movie you've ever seen, ninja's or assassins... Master Chief.

True Neutral:
These characters are "Undecided" on which side they are on, some may be more concerned about taking care of their families then they are of picking a side to fight for. They are the rogues of society and they view "good", "evil", "law", "chaos" as dangerous extremes and thus do not feel strong to any of these alignments. Neutral is usually the best alignment for your character in the sense that it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. Although it can also be a dangerous alignment because it represents indifference, apathy and lack of conviction.

Neutral characters may include;
Lara Croft, Hans Solo.

Chaotic Neutral:
These characters are recognized as "Free Spirits" or "Anarchists". They hold higher value to their own freedom more than anything else but do not strive to protect the freedom of others, though they do not necessarily enjoy seeing the suffering of others. A character of this alignment would have true freedom from the restrictions of society and they are highly unpredictable, most of these characters are very indulgent, they would include gamblers, con-man, high rollers. They are also very unreliable and you're better off not trusting what one of these characters say but even so they are not inclined to evil (but neither are they committed to good).

Chaotic neutral characters would include;
Captain Jack Sparrow.


Lawful Evil:
This character is tricky in the way that he plays by the rules, he cares for loyalty to his superiors and the keeping of his word but does not care for the freedom or the rights of other people. He wishes to rule, to have total control and usually abides by the law and depend on it to protect them.

Lawful Evil characters include;
Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, Magneto.

Neutral Evil:
A neutral evil character is a very selfish and cold-hearted character. They shed no tears for and blood-shed and is not bound by the "illusion" of law, morals or traditions. They do evil for evils sake and although they are selfish they have no trouble with working with someone else but they are highly unreliable for the fact that they can turn on said partner without mercy or regret of inflicting pain on this person or any other person for that matter. Neautral Evil character include henchmen, an assassin who does not care for formal laws but doesn't kill without cause or mercenaries who switch sides if offered a higher price.

Neutral evil characters include;

Chaotic Evil:
These characters are pure evil, they have absolutely no respect for life, the rules, morals or anything else unless it's within their own desire. They are very hateful and greedy people and they set a high value for their own personal freedom. They simply do evil for the sake of being evil and can be quite sadistic at times, they are brutal, violent, hot tempered. They usually have a higher lustful, greedy and wrathful desire than most other alignments. A character under this alignment includes a serial killer or monster and very much enjoy the suffering of others.

Chaotic evil characters include;
The Joker.
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Alignment guide
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