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 Desoto's Skills

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Skill: Desoto’s skills consist of her ability to track and hunt people as well as animals. If you call sabotage and the ability to sneak about like a ninja as a skill, she’s excellent at messing around with someone’s plans and is reasonably good at sneaking about undetected. Gutting and skinning animals is second nature to her as is cooking. Close combat came through experience getting into fights because of her looks.

Description: With her enhanced wolf smells and thirst for action or merely anything to occupy her, tracking is a simple task for her and enjoyable to an extent. Her mother taught her how to cook fish and practically anything edible, her mother was foreign and introduced her to the taste of frog, cat, and dog much to Desoto’s dislike.

History: Her father had always loved the sport of hunting animals and would often take her along with him. She was also taught how to track them through her dad and also reading multiple books on the subject matter. The fact that her father was the one to show her how to gut and clean things herself interested her. It was like a hands on dissection and it taught her to cook for when she moved out, she would have to prepare her own meals.

Her stealth and sabotage abilities were honed through the years hanging out with her three friends. Tag, pranks and the constant game of hide and seek was the norm in her group of buds ever since she was little.



Knowledge: Her knowledge is nothing special. It’s at the same level a B average student is in high school. She does not care about any level of science, but knows an awful lot on the anatomy and health of a human being. She also is very knowledgeable about animals because of the many books she’s read in her home about them.

Description: She may sometimes tend to act stupid on purpose to see what people start to think of her, and the faces they make. However, she is very intelligent, she just chooses to convey otherwise. Due to her fights, she has to bandage up her own wounds since she doesn’t trust hospitals or others to help her.

History: Her parents had started her in school about a year earlier than they should have. As a result, she was a little behind in her studies but otherwise a good student besides being irritable whenever that subject came up. She never liked school and the rules, never liked rules to begin with, but went through with her parent’s wishes to finish.
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Desoto's Skills
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