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 Desoto, The Wolf Girl

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PostSubject: Desoto, The Wolf Girl   Desoto, The Wolf Girl EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 8:19 am

Alias(es):The Wolf Girl, Little Ookami, Rogue Wolf, Demon
Alignment: Chaotic good

Appearance: Desoto has black hair that reaches down to her lower back that she wears in a pony-tail while having bangs that hang over her eyes a little. Her hair and bangs are layered and cut in jagged spikes which sets her out from the crowd and She’s short in stature, standing at around 5’6” and weighs 123 pounds. She is strong and slender, built for combat but also for speed and agility; kind of in between. Her eyes are a cold and dark, rich green that displays the emotions she’s hiding from others. Her skin is the color of a light tanish tone since she goes out pretty often but doesn’t stay under the sun too much.

Onto her clothing choice. She wears a form fitting coal black tank top and very baggy and loose faded black jeans or the black and comfortable cargo pants. Over her tank top, she dons a dark green, short sleeved, many pocketed, jacket that only covers half her torso. The trimming of the hooded jacket is jet black. A black sash has been looped through the belt holes to hold up her jeans and the ends trail a bit behind her since she thinks it looks cool. Her shoes are sturdy and tough army boots, adding slightly to her height and tough look she wants to send to people. On the black sash, hang two twin daggers, roughly the same size of her forearms and each edge has been honed to be deadly and buckled safely into their sheaths to keep people, or her, from cutting themselves on them.

Something completely out of the norm for all normal humans, is the fact that she has a nearly four foot long, fuzzy, black wolf tail as well as large wolf ears that replace human ones. Her tail does not drag along the ground behind her but is simply carried by her very much the way stalking cats carry theirs. The color of her fur is not a straight black; it’s a lighter shade than her hair. But because of this appearance, she tends to wander around at night to better conceal her looks and sleep during the day.

Personality: Desoto is harsh and very blunt at first when meeting someone she knows nothing about. And even more towards those of the opposite sex. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like guys at all, she just doesn’t trust them at first. The thing Desoto wants to get across is that she’s not some weak girl but someone who can kick anyone’s ass all over the place if it was required. She is a female teen that can look out for herself. Anything that is said or can be misinterpreted as saying that she can’t hold her own, she get’s royally pissed. The wolf girl will consider it as a challenge and will force whoever “challenged” her into a match to prove them wrong and/or beat the crap out of them.

She has her own set of rules and morals. She believes in revenge and dealing with others brutally, “An eye for an eye.” The punishment must be equivalent with what the victim felt and harsh enough so that the criminal will never be able to repeat the act again. Desoto has nothing against the laws as they are, but she feels that people tend to be pacifists and too soft of criminals. It’s not rare to hear her say, “Stupid pacifists.”

The wolf girl is just extremely moody and two faced. Her patience is thin and is reserved for those who deserve it and she’s prone to strike someone in frustration then apologize the next second or just say, “The voice in my head’s telling me to slaughter you.” Must be her own anger talking. And she tends to sulk for almost no reason and hold dangerous grudges for a long amount of time.

After she warms up to a new person, she’s very kind, a tomboy and a comedian, even going out of her way to cheer someone up when they’re down with her over the top antics. However, do not call her a dog or mutt. It’s hazardous for your health. She’s fiercely loyal and very protective of her friends and is very stubborn and bull headed in her nature when something doesn’t go right. Befriending Desoto is the best way to avoid getting pummeled to death

Relationships: Three close friends that she refuses to talk about to anyone to protect them. She doesn’t really have any other friends due to her antisocialness. Nick happens to be her vigilante friend and roommate.

History: Growing up is normal for everyone. Remembering bits and pieces of her being a tiny little baby, through elementary school and a bit through high school, Desoto’s life was boring but average until her birth parents died in a car accident in her first year of high school. That was where her attitude suddenly split in two. Her hateful, ‘black’ persona and laid back, ‘white’ persona.

Finding that she was getting ‘new’ parents and that the drunk driver who killed her parents didn’t even sound remorseful, made her withdraw into herself and view crying or any soft emotions was weak. Before, she didn’t like the world she lived in with the crime and scumbags running around loose in the streets. And with her parent’s sudden death and her new parents trying to assert their authority over her, things were starting to get very rocky in her home.

That very same year, she and her friends were exploring around an old barn. She had climbed onto the roof to get a better look at how tall it was when she stood on a rotting piece of wood and fell through the roof. In her panic, she transformed into her wolf form and survived the fall. Though after the transformation, the tail and the wolf ears remained to replace her normal human ones.

Her new parents were overly protective and paranoid that her sudden appearance of growing a tail and ears was bad for her health but eventually relaxed as she began to fake respect towards them and proposed the idea of living with a friends for a while. They agreed, seeing that letting her live with a friend would bring her closer to them.

She then packed up to live with one of her three close friends, Nick, who had been living by himself for some time. At that time, she started to get into vigilantism to protect the streets by night, him watching her back. In fact, it was thanks to him and her other two friends that she finished high school and passed. What was ironic Nick was already a vigilante and Jason and Spinks were in their first degree black belt in some form of martial arts. Nick, Jason and Spinks would help keep her awake in class and study for quizzes and what not.

But since Desoto has turned seventeen, she has been going out solo to fight by herself to give Nick his own personal space back.

Notable Mention: Hmmmm… She has an intense loathing for bugs and fears spiders. Dresses are hated looked down upon. Finding that battle sends the feeling of liveliness, she has come to enjoy fighting and a sadistic grin can be seen on her face as she slices into a major artery of a foe. Desoto also tends to have an odd taste in foods, freezing them or, for example, leaving out toast for a day and eating it stale and freezing marshmallows and chocolate. She also likes really tall and high places since she can see anything without much trouble.

Certain colors have a calming effect to her. Normally very dark blues and greens tend to make her relax and a much easier person to be around. Red tends to excite her and amplifies her ‘black’ side. Black and white tend to make her thoughtful and creative, be it in good or bad ways. Any kind of ridiculously bright color such as yellow, orange or pink, makes her angry and she claims the colors hurt her eyes which are accustomed to dark.

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PostSubject: Re: Desoto, The Wolf Girl   Desoto, The Wolf Girl EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 8:53 am

Approved. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Desoto, The Wolf Girl   Desoto, The Wolf Girl EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 4:12 pm

I like this!
Sounds like a very close friend of mine that I call sister. Your character and her have SO much in common.
"She has an intense loathing for bugs" <--- Especially that, she HATES moths.

This character is epic and I really can't wait to see Desoto in action.
Welcome to the World on Fire! >;D
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PostSubject: Re: Desoto, The Wolf Girl   Desoto, The Wolf Girl Empty

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Desoto, The Wolf Girl
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