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 Episode 1; An eternal bloodline.

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Episode 1; An eternal bloodline. Empty
PostSubject: Episode 1; An eternal bloodline.   Episode 1; An eternal bloodline. EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 8:13 pm

Wrinkled fingers tapped on the maple desk surrounded by a sea of reds and golds, a rhythm of impatience over beautiful song. The fingers belonged to none other than Isamu Kesshi, CEO of Past Corp, The devils advocate himself. He let out a sigh as he gazed at the great golden doors awaiting his protige, his own grandson, Trace. Though this wasn't his true name, Trace was but a codename instilled onto he by the company, each employee was given one to show that under the employment of The Company they were nothing more than another tool or weapon to be used by The Company.

The Doors slowly slid open as a dark clad foot stepped through with an aura of regality with each step that glided across the wooden floorboards. All was silent as the two kinsmen locked eyes with one another, both sporting the same eyes and smirk that many in the past had seen before being assassinated or worse.

"Nee mun lie." said the old man gazing at his grandson with a smirk "Wahn shee–ahng ee yahng" He laughed. Trace nodded back to his grandfather "Old Habbits I suppose." he said in a cool voice. The old man folded his arms "Won't even speak Mandarin?" he grunted, His Grandson laughed "The world is evolving Jeo Yi." The young crow snarked "And chinglish is the new spanglish." He smirked to his father "Now, Obviously we have matters to discuss."

The Old man lowered his head "That we do. That we do. We are sending you outward my heir." the elder remarked. "Outward?" said the young crow "Outward meaning...?" The old man laughed "Outward to the states of your favoured America." laughed the old sage, The young crow fluttered his wings for a moment and bowed his head "For what purpose I might ask?" He smirked, The Old man closed his eyes and a smile curled upon his face "Simple my apprentice. The Fox has arrived to strike the Crows, All we have trained for is coming now."

Deoradhain scratched his chin for a moment before opening his mouth "Understood Grandfather." he bowed and turned, It was time to move on to America.
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Episode 1; An eternal bloodline.
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