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 The Plot of World on Fire

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PostSubject: The Plot of World on Fire   Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:47 pm

World on Fire is a roleplay forum about humans, metahumans, mutants, alien races struggling to survive whether it's together, against their own kind or just to survive against the side effects of nature.

World on Fire is a roleplay is a superhero themed roleplay much like the Justice League, heroes fight for themselves and the innocence of others while many others fight in smaller groups, their purpose is to work together to make the world a safer place for the innocent. Villains on the other hand are more brutal than ever and some fight just for money while others fight to control the world, they wish to rule with an iron fist and they will destroy anything that gets in their way!

The roleplay is set in an alternative universe, the world is crawling with unique beings, these being consist of humans, mutants and metahumans. They all struggle to survive in this cold, hard world which is also crawling with evil, but who wouldn't when you're living in the present day world with so much corruption and the battle for justice rages on. The gap between good and bad is spreading and becoming more apparent but there are still many shades of grey. The question is, with all this total chaos going on around you, which side will you pick? Or a better question is...

How will you survive when it seems like the world is on fire?
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The Plot of World on Fire
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