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 Brother Nature

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PostSubject: Brother Nature   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:21 pm

Name: Felix Mendle
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Alias(es): Brother Nature
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Felix looks older than he is, a look not helped by his long hair and beard. His hair is of curious colour, mostly a dark grey but with tufts and strands of light grey and ginger. He has a wise and knowledgeble look and sterness often plays across his face.
His clothing will usually consist of simple robes and such like. Physically he is taller than most but rather thin and quite weak.
Brother Nature

Personality: Felix has wisdom beyond his years, even for a forty year old, and a great deal of knowledge to go with it. He is stern and abrupt but cunning enough to be aware of this and apply himself appropriately. A true Lawful Neutral, Felix always views situations from a third party perspective, even when they effect himself. Unfortunately his views are rather extreme so this usually goes unportrayed. He thinks that a bohemian society is the only right way to live and that every individual should be able to provide for themselves, but also be able to work together in a community.

Gemima Mendle - Mother (deceased)
Justin Mendle - Father (deceased)
Hugh Mendle - Elder Brother (deceased)
Iona Mendle - Wife (38)
Austin Mendle - Son (9)
Jenny Mendle - Daughter (7)

History: Felix's parents were keen gardiners and while Hugh didn't take much interest Felix foud himself transfixed. However, he cared little for flowers and was more interested in crop yeilding plants, fascinated by them. When he tried gardening for himeslf he had green fingertips and everything he cared for grew well, too well to be natural. Felix had the ability to control plants and had unawaredly been helping them grow. He studied Botany extensively and had no care no for anything else, well aware hw would not need it.
Felix moved away from home to live in the forests surrounding the state he lived in, using his power to create a true home for him. He spent nearly a year alone in the woodland contemplating a new society, self sustainable and, as far as he was concerned, perfect. He revisited the cities in search of people to populate his society and amung these people found Iona. They married when Felix was 25 and Iona 23, the second marrage in the Salixian society - so called because the main building was formed from a Willow tree, the Latin for Willow being Salix. Some years later and the couple had two children and the society had flourished. Felix still visits the cities, sometimes with others, to recruit new citizens, though often they will search out the Salixian Society by themselves, having heard of it through word of mouth.

Notable Mention: --

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PostSubject: Re: Brother Nature   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:13 am

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Brother Nature
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