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 Before you make a character!

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Lady Justice
Lady Justice

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PostSubject: Before you make a character!   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:06 pm

Well first, make sure you've read the rules in "Everything you need to know" cause you're gonna get your ass kicked if you didn't know what the rules are and you break a rule.
If I catch someone breaking a rule and they're like "A durr I didn't know that was a rule." I will not tolerate this and I might just ban your account, I've written the rules clearly and if you DON'T understand something, please ask one of the staff if they could explain it further.

Enough rambling...

Rule Number 1:
No godmodding (see the rules)
This is when you create an all powerful character which can kill anything/anyone he or she touches and cannot be killed, this is EXTREMELY annoying and I nor the staff will approve such a character.

Rule Number 2:
This is a SUPERHERO roleplay site, the ONLY races accepted are HUMAN, MUTANT and METAHUMAN... With the exception of the occasional alien. If you have a character that is any other race, please contact me or other staff and we will patiently help you work out how to convert your character into a World On Fire friendly character.

Rule number 3:
Please try to be original when you make your characters, don't make a profile about superman or batman, if you have a favorite character, try to modify some certain aspects and make your own character... Deoradhain is a good example ;D

Rule Number 4:
There IS a character limit.
Everyone starts out with just one.
They can make a second one once they have hit 250 posts.
and a THIRD one can be made at 600 posts.
If you so wish to make that many characters, please make sure you don't neglect them...

Rule Number 5:
Hopefully the last thing I'll have to mention...
If you guys edit your character in ANY way after I, Angelus and The Death Wish approve.
You MUST bring it it to our attention. We don't want to find out that you changed even the slightest detail in your characters history, personality or appearance like 2 weeks after you change it.

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Lady Justice
Lady Justice

Posts : 167
Join date : 2009-12-30
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: Before you make a character!   Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:33 pm

There have been some questions raised about the races and species of characters whether they be NPC characters or main characters. I will stand EXTREMELY strict on these rules for personal reasons!

Races that I will allow:
Bird people
  • Animal Morphing
  • Elasticity
  • Inorganic
  • Liquification
  • Size Shifting
  • Sublimation
  • Substance mimicry

Giants (under certain circumstances)
Cyclopes people (only cause they could be considered a mutant)

Metahumans or Mutants who can transfer their spirits into certain animals are ok
WereWolves and Werecats are allowed BUT ONLY UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES! Message me and ask. Otherwise I don't approve.

Races NOT allowed under any circumstances:
Demons of ANY kind
Reptilian humanoids
Angels of ANY kind
Gods of ANY kind
Centauroid creatures (half man, half cow/bull or eaven horse or goat)

ANYTHING beastly or purely supernatural/creatures that were made up while someone was stoned. Anything that is dead, demonic, beastly, angelic, godly, god-like is BANNED!

If you want your character to be something else that is not listed, please ask me.
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Before you make a character!
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