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 The Skills of Trace

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The Skills of Trace Empty
PostSubject: The Skills of Trace   The Skills of Trace EmptyTue Jan 05, 2010 4:45 pm


Skill: Expert in Gun Fu, Ninjutsu and Wudan Sword


    -Gun Fu - A style of Martial Arts that follows gunplay over traditional weapons, for refference see movies like Wanted or Rogue Assassin. Gun Fu has been used mainly in todays culture for operatives and military forces looking for a little oomf in their fighting style.

    -Ninjutsu - The abillity to utilise the body to manuever through city streets and utilise chakra to strengthen the body and retain reflex during hand to hand combat

    -Wudan Sword - A Sword style that utilises Chakra, momentum and beats to maintain a steady hand and an undefeatable power.

Trace has been training with his Grandfather for four years and has become a formidable opponent for those seeking a fight. Trace furthered his abillities by absorbing his father's memories thus giving him the abillity of a man training for over thirty years, add this to the Meta-Humans, Aliens and Street thugs he has been issued to absorb since makes Trace a Deadly fighter.
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The Skills of Trace
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