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 Allison Winchester

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Lady Justice

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PostSubject: Allison Winchester   Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:10 pm

Name: Allison Winchester
Age: 21
Gender: Female.
Alias(es): Alli, Ali, Alli-kat
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Allison has beautiful wavy blonde hair with slight darker brown highlights that stops just around mid-back. Her eyes are hazel green, her apparent age is 23 though her actual age is 21.
She stands at an average height of 5"7 and is 157lbs.
Allison is between average and beautiful depending on her mood but because of her fathers work, she seems to always look and act like a lady even so she is an active young woman and has very delicate facial features and has a between average and athletic body since she spends most of her time trying to please her father by seemingly trying to follow in his footsteps as an FBI agent. Allison always tries to tries to dress appropriate to the occasion but depending on her mood she will dress how she feels to highlight her mood and possibly to let others know of how she feels, even so, she will never wear anything too showy unless it also looks classy. Allison has thick eyelashes and often people mistake her for wearing mascara during said times, she'll just remain polite and thank them, concerning make up, she will wear something light if needed, she likes to keep it as natural as possible though.

Allison is a very capable and independent young lady, she always has a certain class about her due to her upbringing. Yet she is still quite a tomboy, this is also because of the way she was raised, Allison grew up with a very protective father and although his intentions were to teach her the right ways in life he only ever taught her how to act like and behave like her mother.

Allison is very smart but mischievous, she often gets herself into trouble but this is ok because she enjoys making deals and talking her way out of things. Deals are a big part of her life and her views on the deals are more like a trade, "You have something I want, I have something valuable enough for you to give me possession of my desire". If she doesn't have anything, she'll resort to stealing and she wont necessarily steal what she wants but she will take something else that means a lot more to the person she's trying to negotiate with, although this is harder, she likes doing it simply because it's more of a challenge and she finds amusement in besting other people.

Allison is quite a party animal, she loves to socialize and usually acts silly in the company of friends. She has a high value for her own freedom and although she may seem a bit on the dark side and rogue-ish, she hates seeing the suffering of others, she has a sense of honor and slight loyalty to those that she really cares for and will even show kindness to the innocent who are in need even if it is quite an annoyance to her.

She is wreckless but can never truly do anything evil to someone, although she mostly makes friends for certain benefits such as company or leverage, she does feel guilt if she has grown attached to said companion and will always try to find a way to fix it.

Relationships: Her Father (John), Mother - Deceased (Elizabeth)

Allison grew up in a very sheltered home, her father always tried as hard as he could to keep her sheltered from the world, especially after her mother died after being killed by one of the criminals that he had put away. Allison was raised to be as proper as she could and her father treated her like his little princess claiming that she was the only thing he had left in life besides his job, seeing as this was so, Allison missed more than half a lifetime with her father and slowly started to get sick of being treated like a princess, even if she accepted that this was how her dad felt about her and always let him know how much she loved him.
Allison was always very well read and this is why she had an early graduation coming out of etiquette school when she was 7, soon after she was put into a public school and started coming home seeming a little more sad than usual, her father noticed this and took responsibility as a father with the slight concern that she would start having worse bullying going on at school, he taught her how to defend herself.
John wasn't excited to know that his daughter would beat someone up so he cut her training short and took it to the school and the childrens parents.

Allison grew up and found her way through school easily despite not having that many friends, most were like acquaintances. When Allison turned 16 she decided to start trying to follow her fathers footsteps and trained hard to become more like him... For about a year until he finally took her to get trained, it seemed way to difficult for her and it didn't suit her lifestyle anyways so Allison turned from it which simply made John laugh, even if she continued her daily exercises, she simply did it to stay in shape.
She graduated from highschool at 18 and started taking small casual jobs in order to live for and provide for herself, despite her fathers promotion and extra cash coming homing. Allison insisted that she make her own way in life, John, her father proudly and graciously accepted this, with the feeling that if he didn't keep such a sharp eye over her, she could make all the right choices on her own and not only could he be proud of her but she could be proud of herself.

Allison stayed in contact with a boy she knew from highschool that became close, unfortunately for her and her father, this boy was more on the rebellious side and always did something to keep Allisons attention, she developed an infatuation with him and slowly started changing in order to please this boy, she snapped out of it a few months later and decided to break it off with this boy when he started getting her into trouble with the law, this broke her heart but she couldn't compete with her conscious. Unfortunately, after this break up, she went into hiding for a few days where she admitted to herself that she was sick of being bad and from now on she wouldn't be such a princess. Allison contacted her father and told him what had happened and that she wanted to move out and live on her own for a while simply to experience what it's like living as an independent woman. John wasn't pleased to hear this especially after she went missing for a few days, he couldn't argue with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Allison Winchester   Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:53 pm

Lets see,
    Appearance: A really well planned sum up of what Miss Winchester (love the surname) looks like, if I didn't have the picture I could...well, picture her perfectly.
    Personality:Nice, reminds me of that lightning lass from Angel, but I'm digging it, Its going to be a great character to play
    HistoryA well fleshed out character, Its what I like seeing.

Yup, Approved
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Lady Justice

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PostSubject: Re: Allison Winchester   Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:56 pm

*skips around throwing confetti* Hi my name is (what) my name is (who) my name is (chikka chikka Jess Justice!
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PostSubject: Re: Allison Winchester   

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Allison Winchester
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