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 Geography of World on Fire (Yet to have some SERIOUS editing)

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PostSubject: Geography of World on Fire (Yet to have some SERIOUS editing)   Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:24 pm

As we know, World on Fire is set in an alternative universe. This world is same to our own but with different names to all the states and cities in the world.

Raiton, is a small state in America, it has only three large cities and is surrounded on one side by beautiful forests and lakes. Raiton is also on the edge of the coast so for those people who live in Sentry, they get a beautiful view of the ocean.

Sentry City

Sentry City is basically the rich city of Raiton. It's a very business focused area and most of the rich folk work and play here, they control the currency of all three cities and are extremely busy but the people of Metrix usually find jobs here to earn some extra cash by keeping Sentry City as clean and tidy as possible.

Astryn City

Astryn City is the neutral city of Raiton, the community can get along with the money that they have because unlike Sentry, they are not rich but unlike Metrix, they are not completely poor. The community here either lives the American dream or they're total party animals.

Metrix City

Metrix City is a much more poverty stricken area, people who live here work hard just to survive and no one wants to have anything to do with this city because the streets are so dirty and it's just crawling with trouble-maker teenagers or most criminals who either steal to survive or provide for their family or simply petty thieves. The people of Sentry often look down on Metrix City and see them as the scum of Raiton, they will often tell a civilian of Metrix to get a job and get cleaned up, though the city is simply poor of funding because of disagreements between leaders. Metrix would be just fine if Sentry would circulate some money there.
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Geography of World on Fire (Yet to have some SERIOUS editing)
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