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 Izekio Garowsson -Not Finished-

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PostSubject: Izekio Garowsson -Not Finished-   Tue May 11, 2010 10:19 am

Name:Izekio Garowsson



Alias(es):Izzie(preferred),Avian-Hybrid(scientist),Spark,Shadow Hawk

Alignment:Chaotic Good

Appearance:Izzie is around 5'10 with olive skin with short gold blond hair and cold brown eyes that betray his personality.Also he has wings with a 10ft wingspan his.At the top of his wings his feathers are sort of a brick red color and the rest of his feathers are black but turns to a purple like color in direct sunlight.Izzie has a variety of clothing but mainly wears shorts with a large pocket on the right side and a plain navy blue t-shirt.In the back of his shirts are slits were his wings go through.

Personality:Izzie is a care-free person who usually doesn't hold grudges but has rivals instead.Izzie has been known to plant traps or trick others which has saved his life more than once.He is that kind of person that can get everyone rallied up and uplifted during fights or any place.But dire situations Izzie sometimes makes jokes about stuff that is not really supposed to be funny which gets him in trouble most of the time.His care for friends and allies can lead to Izzie disobeying orders to help them or keep them from being killed which is why he gets scolded by others.Izzie knows different things from spying on enemies which can help on figure out somebodies motives or personality but this does not work 50% of the time which can sometime mess up his judgment on others even though it is not perfect it can still help in dire situations. All though Izzie insist on teaching new things here and there but others don't think so because he is reckless and just does hands on teaching.

Notable Mention:
Izzie tends to sleep a lot.
Has a large fortune


Roleplay Sample:
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Izekio Garowsson -Not Finished-
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